Manage Your High™

Enjoying edibles and genetically engineered strains, overindulgence is easy and very common for first time and experienced users alike. The need for a cannabis antidote has never been more important or timely.

CannaRelief is the World’s First Cannabis "Antidote" that helps you manage your high. Our patent-pending, scientifically engineered formula was designed to help manage or alleviate the effects of cannabis and works within 10-15 minutes for most people.

Whether you need to come down just a little or completely, drinking CannaRelief targets symptoms like fogginess and nausea associated with smoking or eating cannabis based products.


Within 20 minutes, my mind seemed clear!

“It’s that feeling when you think you’re only a little high, and then you go out into public and suddenly you realize you are really, really, really high. That’s when I went and I guzzled a bottle of CannaRelief.

I settled down with my partner and some video games and waited for the anxiety to subside. Within 20 minutes, my mind seemed clear of the haze that was blocking all ability to speak intelligibly, and talking with my partner no longer felt as nerve-wracking as a first date.”

- Lisa Rough
writer April 2017

The formula for CannaRelief

Our Patent Pending Formula utilizes 20mg Cannabidiol derived from industrial hemp oil

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